How to create a cheese board for a celebration with children

Cheese boards are a very practical and versatile option for all kinds of celebrations. It also allows you to showcase the cheeses, vegetables, fruits, and biscuits in a nice and attractive way, with options for all the guests.

Start by defining how many people the cheese board is for. Based on that, you can determine the size of what you are going to use. Then choose the cheeses, the main protagonists, and depending on that, then you can decide the rest of the companions.

I leave a guide with some ideas that can help you when assembling your board.

Merry Monday Cheese Table

The Cheese

Select the cheeses you are going to serve, taking in consideration that children may also interact with the board. In that sense, it is better to put mild cheeses of soft flavors.

A rule that serves as a suggestion to know how many cheeses you are going to serve is to calculate 40 grams per cheese per person. If you serve more than three cheeses, calculate a little less and if you serve two or three cheeses, you can put a little more than 40 grams of each of them.

As for the type of cheese, I suggest you choose cheeses of different texture and flavors. For example, you can serve a hard cheese such as Parmesan, Pecorino or Vintage Gouda, a semi-hard cheese such as Havarti, Gouda or Taleggio and a mild cheese such as Camembert, Feta, or Brie.

The Vegetables

Choose vegetables that can be served raw and be good companions for cheeses. Carrots, tomatoes cherry and radishes are my favorite options. Cut all the same and in a small size.

The Fruits

The fruits are the sweet touch or acid ideal to accompany the cheeses. Besides, kids love to eat them, too. My favorite fruits to serve on a cheese table are strawberries, grapes, and pears. Take into account that they are fruits that can be at room temperature and cut without getting brown or change their color. Cut them in little pieces so your guests can grab them with their fingers and the size goes in harmony with the rest of the ingredients in the board.

Nuts and Dry Fruits

Cashews, peanuts, almonds, cranberries, are some of the things that go great with cheeses. Even a mix of several is a good option. If you serve pistachios, remember to put an empty bowl next to it so the guests can put the shells there. If the party is for children under 3 years, I recommend serving only nuts to avoid temptation and risks. Walnuts are dangerous for young children and it is better to avoid having them to grab some. 

strawberry on a cheese board merry monday

Jams and Honey

Fruit jams and honey are also a very interesting companion for cheeses. The jams give a sweet touch that helps to highlight the flavor of the cheese. The honey goes very well with the aged cheeses, it is served especially with cheeses such as Parmesan, Cheddar, Comté or Gruyere. One of my favorite combinations is Parmesan Reggiano cheese with truffled honey.

cheese with honey merry monday

Biscuits and Bread

Calculate a type of toasts or bun for each cheese you serve. The variety of texture and flavor make the table more interesting. I like to put thin and crunchy toasts, small baked buns and perhaps some fresh and soft bread in small pieces. If there are three kinds of cheese or less, you can put only two types of biscuits or bread.

The setup

When you have all the ingredients you need, the most exciting moment arrives.
Place the cheeses first leaving a space between them. You're going to use them as a starting point. Then order the fruits by groups, each one near a cheese. Put everything in small piles. Then add the bread and toasts, and finally fill the gaps with the walnuts. The idea is that everything is tight to make it look more beautiful and provocative.

Of course, all these are ideas and suggestions, the advantage of these tables is that everything is allowed. So you can unleash your imagination or use some things you already have at home and it's going to look good.

Always Think of your guests and if some have food restrictions, include something for them in your table and let them know when they get to the party.

Remember to put cheese's knives and napkins next to the table.

cheese and fruits merry monday

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