How to make the perfect birthday party goodie bags for kids

Creating a great birthday party goodie bags can be a real challenge for some hosts. The dilemma begins when we have to decide between giving something simple, which often becomes nothing, or giving a single gift that represents and lasts longer. In my case, I rather invest in something good and useful for children to play at home, instead of investing in giving away many plastic things that end quickly under the couch or in the trash. The decision is personal, depends on your tastes and the budget for the party. And of course, everything is valid. It is about giving a small detail to the children that they all like and gives them joy.

birthday party goodie bag

The gifts included on your party favors can go according to the theme of the party or just be an interesting and different gift.

If you prefer to give a single gift, these are some of my favorite ideas: a children's book, glasses or water bottles, super hero's cloak, a big ball, a sand bucket beach toy, a jigsaw puzzle or a small Lego.

If you want to make a bag with many small gifts, I suggest the following ideas: Crayons, Playdough, stickers, mini erasers, tattoos, chalks to paint on the sidewalk, bubbles and carts or airplanes. A combination of any of these items works perfectly. Then you also have to decide whether to add candy and chocolates to it.

Give something that will help you to make crafts at home: there are kits that come ready, from coloring books including the colors or markers to some craft with foam, or wood to paint. This is a useful gift that you can take advantage of in an afternoon at home or when hosting a playdate at home.

books in favor bags

Girls and boys of different ages: sometimes not all of your guests are on the same age or same gender. When we choose to give a gift according to the topic, we often find ourselves limited. In this case, there is always the option of having two or more types of gift. For example, a layer of blue superhero for the kids and a pink for the girls. The same with the ages, if you are going to give an airplane to the 3-year old, you may find a small story for the babies you have invited.

If you have more than one type of gift, you can differentiate the wrapper to make it easier to deliver at the time of the party's farewell. If there are not many children, you can even put the name to each outlet gift.

What should we avoid? When children are less than 3 years old, the most important thing is to avoid giving away small rubber balls or objects that represent a risk of drowning. It is also important to think of children who are allergic to walnuts and avoid chocolates or sweets with walnuts. For one-year-old babies, I would avoid candy in general, because most moms prefer not to give sugar to their little ones.

There are two keys to making a great birthday party goodie bags for kids between one and three years old. The first is empathy, think about what your child would like to get, and on the other hand, think about what you would not like to be given to your children at a party. And the second is to keep in mind that the gifts are something extra, so enjoy the opportunity to give something special and without generating much stress. 

Finally, remember to add a thank you note for the guests for coming to the party.

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