How to plan a fun and unforgettable indoor playdate

When we invite friends of our children to our house, we want everything to go well, and the children and their moms to enjoy the moment. To achieve this, the key is in the pre-event organization.

I’m sharing four tips that have helped me to plan successfully playdates at my home.

The guests: If the guests are little kids and this is your first playdate, I recommend you to limit the number of guests. Start with four or five kids, so you get the situation under control all the time. There are moments that we plan the playdates with our friends and their children, which makes it more comfortable and natural. But sometimes, we want to invite only classmates from their classrooms so kids and moms get to know each other better. In this case, it is always good to ask your little one if there is someone special who they want to invite or with whom they play more. In the same way, it always helps to include some moms that you already know or with whom you think you can feel more comfortable with.

The snacks: In the playdates, the menu can be simple and without much elaboration. It has helped me, to serve things that my children like. We must also take into account the tastes and the food restrictions of the guests, so I always put, something sweet, something salty and fruity. For example, you can serve some brownies or cookies that most of the children like, a cheese or a yogurt dip with pita bread and small carrots, and grapes or watermelons cut into triangles. To drink, you can offer them water, lemonade or fruit juices for children. The good thing about this menu is that it serves the little ones and their moms. You can also add coffee or cold tea for moms.

cheese and toasts are ideal snacks for a playdate

red peppers with toast for playdates

Activity: You can set up a playdate with a specific theme or simply invite them to play with the toys of the house. Choose a space in the house where children can play comfortably. Chose a place that can get dirty and do not have any risks, so that children can play freely without the interference of moms. If the playdate is with the toys in the house, hide in advance those that you know that can generate conflict. If you want to do a special activity, I give you these ideas of themes for different playdates: You can put some templates to make animal masks and paint them with paint, you can invite the children with their bikes or scooters if you have live by a safe and quiet street. Invite them to prepare cookies or pizzas or put them to paint some ceramic object that you get at a good price in a craft shop.

arts and craft at a playdate

Set up a start and end time: advise in advance how long the invitation will last. If the children are small, it is better to keep it short. Although two hours would be ideal, in my case I always end up doing 3 hours, for example from 3 pm to 6 pm. If you know that some of the guests have a long journey home, you can offer them something simple for dinner so that moms go stress-free. That's easier when you know children and moms and you know if they have food restrictions or are picky about any food. For the first playdate, it is better to make it short and only offer snacks.

The most important thing is to enjoy the meeting and its preparation!

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