How To Set Up Your Home for Halloween In Style (and Within a Budget)

You don’t have to go crazy and spend a lot of money and time finding everything you need to have a homey, spooky, and cute Halloween party. 

I'll walk you seven tips that will make you stand out while keeping a unique and beautiful Halloween party.

(1) COLORS: Pick a palette. Limiting your decoration to few colors creates a perfect look that won’t make you feel tired after a few days (or hours). 

    Halloween Party Ideas Decoration
    (2) STYLISH OUTDOOR DECOR: you don’t have to go crazy with enormous inflated monsters or skeletons. Add a spooky but elegant garland to your main door. We have two different designs in our shop: ghosts and witches’ hats.
    You can also add some Halloween bushes (you can find them at any Michaels store) at your front door or indoor as part of your table decoration in your living room. Here, we use flowers bases from Ikea
    Halloween Decoative Bushes
    (3) SET THE SCENE: be mindful. If only adults are on the guest list, you can SPOOK-IT-UP. But if you’re expecting to have kids around, don’t go crazy, keep it spooky but fun and enjoyable. You can add balloons in different colors and pumpkins to bring volume and decorative elements to your table. You can play with the colors and sizes.
    (4) TURN CAULDRONS INTO SERVING DISHES: have guests help themselves, serve buffet style so guests will feel free to grab their favorite food from the table. Use our "Mini Cauldron Set” to serve candies and small bites. Don’t forget to add napkins, and plates in different colors and shapes. 
    Halloween Serving Dishes
    (5) Serve Bloody DRINKS: we have several recipes of kid friendly drinks on our blog that can work for any Halloween party. Serve them on our paper cups and add a special touch placing eco-friendly straws of assorted colors. 
    Halloween Eco Friendly Straws
    (6) Make fun and healthy SNACKS: make a variation of chocolate cookies ( like the ones with Nutella that we have on our blog). You can add some orange M&M’s to have them to match with your Halloween colors. You can also serve chocolate cupcakes and add our cupcake toppers to add a spooky touch. We have different packages with the most adorable toppers, for small sweets and cakes.
    Halloween Decorative Toppers
    (7) Set Up A TRICK-OR-TREAT Station: for kids to come and go. You can place a ghost garland, a beverage station, and an orange carrot cake with our Halloween Cake Toppers. Cut it into small pieces so kids can grab it and keep going into their adventures. 
    As you can see it doesn't require a lot of time and money to have a fun night and celebrate with your kids. 

    Don’t forget to share this post with your friends, have fun and take a lot of pictures.  Send them over or tag @merrymondayparty on your favorite social media to see how your party looks like!